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Spirits of the Mothers
Cover Spirits of the Mothers

Schrijver: Cristi Fernández Narvaiza & Martin Bless
ISBN: 9789089730282
Pagina's (papier): 261
Prijs p-boek (papier): € 18,90
Prijs e-boek (ePub/mobi/azw): € 6,20
Prijs u-boek (voor USB-stick): € 7,40

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The (late) Ice Age is unknown territory for many of us. This most charming story, combined with lots of factual information, will carry you back to that distant period.
The fictitious part recounts a journey across Europe, like our ancestors would have made it 15,000 years ago, helping us visualise their living conditions and thought processes. Compassion for their fellow humans and distrust went hand in hand, just like in our days.
An extensive documentation of prehistoric sites highlights some aspects of the Magdalenian civilisation, the last one of the major Paleolithic cultures that collapsed by the onset of the Late Ice Age, because of the abruptly changing climate.

The authors Cristi Fernández Narvaiza und Martin Bless originally made a name for non-specialist publications on continental drift, causing spectacular changes in landscape, climate, vegetation and fauna through hundreds of millions of years, taking the Meuse-Rhine Euregion (the borderland of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium around Aachen, Maastricht, Hasselt, Liège and Eupen) as an example.
Since 1997, they concentrate on the impact of these changes on prehistoric people in Europe. ‘Spirits of the Mothers’ is their first book dealing with this subject.

The book "Spirits of the Mothers" also appeared in Dutch under the title "Geesten van de moeders", in German under the title "Die Geister der Mütter" and in Spanish under the title "Los espíritus de las madres".


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